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Roofing Company Phoenix: Ways To Find The Best Roofing Companies

How to Find the Perfect Roofing Company

Do Your Research

To find out whether a Roofing company is perfect for you, you will have to conduct research. You’ll want to find out a bevy of information—think:

  • How many locations it has, so you can access whether you’re willing to work where it is.
  • What the company values are, so you can make sure they match and reflect your own
  • Company history, so you can make sure it is not tied to any past challenges
  • Who you’ll be working with, so you can ensure you will get along with your coworkers
  • Top competitors, so you can make sure the company has a viable future
  • Financial outlook, to ensure you can continue to grow your career and your bank account
  • Vacation policy, so you can see if you will be able to achieve work-life balance
  • Healthcare and general benefits, so you can make sure you can take care of yourself with this job

And these are just a few of the insights you should know! You’ll also want to research the roofing company’s culture, which is the company’s personality, and how it values and treats its employees.

Learn to Identify Red Flags

If you listen to your gut—and look for certain warning signs—you can avoid the wrong roofing company in favor of the right fit. How? Look for common red flags that spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Red flags can appear during an initial interview, show up in the reviews left on a company’s whichroofer profile, or even be heard through an industry grapevine. Some common red flags include:

1. Paying Your Deductible

Be leery of any roofing company offering to pay your deductible as part of their sales pitch. Why might they? It could mean the company is trying to be creative in the gray areas (which speaks to integrity), they are committing fraud, or they are going to sacrifice quality by using cheaper materials to make the difference back. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Detailed Negative Reviews

Before choosing anyone to perform a service on your home, we always recommend checking online at third party sources (Google, Yelp, Facebook, WhichRoofer, etc.) to see what other people have said. Usually when someone experiences a highly negative experience, they are sure to elaborate on all the details. Evaluate any negative reviews and make judgement on the validity of such claims. (We realize that competitors may sometimes write negative reviews, but it’s the detailed ones that’s more believable.)

3. Differing Invoices

When you’re in any industry that deals with insurance, opportunities abound for fraud. This is especially true in the roofing industry. We encourage that you ask prospective roofing companies how they handle invoices at the end. If there is any indication that they would provide you a different invoice than what they provide your insurance company, that’s a first sign of potential fraud.

4. Excessive Out of Pocket Costs

In most roof replacements, the only out-of-pocket expense should be the deductible.  The only instance in which more money might be required is when there are legitimate upgrades such as higher end shingles, upgrading skylight, etc. If you get a quote and the out-of-pocket costs are beyond the deductible then we recommend you asking why.

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